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Hi most trusted Earthperson,

I am Feela-li iBeli, once the official concubine (girl friend) of Mikag geNooab, the now disgraced former CEO of Mars Moolah Bank. Earth newspaper may not yet reported on recent strife on Mars, bot more important is news which will make you rich more than you ever dream till now. You may not like money. I do not like money but that OK alright because you/me want justice that concubines deserve right? The 3.6 billion with a big B dollars US that Mikag deposited in a swisS bank IN MY NAME is now wanted by me to start an orphanage for kiddies of widows and concubines from your world and mine so to learn that we all just like peepple who can get along and spend peacefully. 

I need your help to do this wonderful thing and in case you do like money I will give you 11% JUST FOR doing almost nothing to get our hands on the $3.8 BIG Billion Buck$!!! 

Help Feela-li RIGHT AWAY before you wake up and change your mind and miss this opportunity to do VERY GOOD! Fullsome details maybe soon, but in the meantime demonstrate your interest so Feela-li will know you are the real thing and are not toying with her.

Your new friend,
I am Feela-li iBeli 
you can just say Feela-li like friends do:- finished now. Bye. OK?

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