Bush is from another world!!


Martians share $

NEW - Muyi Haklet Bren & the Dubya 1.3 Moneymachine

Can't wait to meet ex-concubine Feela-li?

Former CEO, Mikag, says, "No way!"

Red Planet Rev's Quickie Ordination Program


What is the Message From Mars?

The Message from Mars is crystal clear: Martians have MUCHO MOOLAH - and they want to share it with those trustworthy Earthers who can recognize a GREAT DEAL when they see it. But if you find the idea of "GETTING RICH QUICK" distasteful - STOP and read no further

On the other hand, if you are tired of working like every other schlub on your planet and would rather be basking in the sun on a nice beach and thinking how smart you were to have acted when you spotted the FANTASTIC DEALS that would not only help worthy Martians in need, but offered you a bleepload of coin at the same time - and for doing practically NOTHING! Huh?

Too good to be true? OK, "maybe" it is, but let's move beyond that.

So anyway, what is this AMAZING MESSAGE FROM MARS? I thought you would never ask. Here is the answer (and don't tell anyone, OK?).


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