Al Knurdelphon

Al Knurdelphon  

Dr. Knurdelphon appreciates dust.


Alfred Knurdelphon, Ph.D., B.S.D., D.D.T., R2D2,, may not be a household name but so what? He is laughing all the way to the bank - the dust bank, that is. You see, Knurdelphon, or "Doctor Dust" as he is respectfully referred to in the industry, is a dust incrementalizer.

"What industry?" you ask, as well you might. We are speaking here of the little understood, though vitally important, product testing and hyperbole verification industry. Dr. Dust's scientific passion for tallying flakes and particles has been successfully applied in the all-too-often overlooked arena of vacuum cleaner technology, testing and evaluation.

"For me," smiled Knurdelphon, "dust is not a problem." He believes we should all restructure our thinking, perhaps allowing room for the concept that dust may be "just a friend that is better off somewhere else." He also stated emphatically that dust is beneficial in many ways but that no examples came to mind "at the moment."

Knurdelphon believes that international standards are sorely needed to monitor the culturing and farming of the test dust used in the evaluation of vacuum cleaner performance during research and development. Without such international controls, the world's supply of pure dust needed for these vital scientific tests may be contaminated and, says Knurdelphon, the contamination may be undetectable. Dr. Knurdelphon has worked tirelessly to implement such a standard but feels that public awareness is the key to genuine action. "I have only begun to speak out about dust," said the doctor. "The rest is up to you."

Alfred Knurdelphon, a dedicated scientist who has risen from the ashes to make sure this important issue is not swept under the rug.

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