Spacebusters (of the Business and Government Space Agency)


Fast-forward some 50 years into the future where things are much nicer than they are now, thanks in large part to science and technology and really good, affordable videohats. And, fortunately for all, in the early part of the 21st century NASA succumbed to a leveraged merger with  the mother of all multinationals, Wefefu.  As a result, the space agency  went through a reformulation and is now known as BAGSA (the Business and Government Space Agency).

BAGSA is "developing space." Its marketing/advertising division has placed larrrrge billboards and virtual displays in orbit around Earth featuring  Giant Air Jordan shoes, ads for vegiburgers, methane/compost powered cars, psychic networks, etc.

Colonel Tom Foonid is Director of BAGSA's latest project,  Cashinie 350.  The project's goal is to track and recover the millions of pieces of debris in orbit around Earth - rocket motors, Stilson wrenches, pots, pans, bowls, hairpins, plastic bags of deep-frozen astrourine, Tony Little exercise tapes, etc.

space probe?


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