Bnbnsen, OK?

The Bnbnsen Salvation

Betty Recoggil received the Flumfert Company's February Best Employee Floppy Disk Label Alignment Award from Mr. Flumfert himself who, after the ceremony, stood by her desk enthusiastically mouthing his new Bnbnsen Pipe.

Betty could think of no response when Flumfert spoke of, "those fortunate enough to be exposed to the second-hand snooke of even an inexpensive short-tongued Bnbnsen without even the coveted SlickGlide Motion." It happened that she was not even vaguely aware that The Pipe was a hot crossover craft product now being positioned as an indoor quasi origami-based sucking/blowing alternative for smokers seeking release from the humiliation found furtively puffing butts self-consciously in small huddled yellow-fingered groups clustered at the thick brick feet of the faceless hollowed-out columns of commerce that officed the mass of workers day after day.

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